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Non-Scale Victory

I have to share this… Yesterday we went on an all-day outreach handing out fliers to invite people to a free christian concert we were supporting in the evening.  Not including the time spent hanging around waiting to get going, … Continue reading

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Soda & Bread

I’ve really cut back my soda intake and have limited myself to having one glass with my meals.  However, sometimes we’ll eat out and share a large Coke and I find myself drinking more than my small glass.  So, to … Continue reading

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Little Changes

Today we had KFC for lunch and decided to go for the bucket of grilled chicken instead of the fried chicken.  It was sooooo good!  Just as juicy inside, but without the fried coating outside.   I also decided to … Continue reading

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Todays’ Weight:  226.5 This week’s loss:  -1.5 Total loss so far: -4.5 lbs. I was scared to weigh myself this morning and very relieved to see that it was down and not up.   I’ve been sticking to my weekly … Continue reading

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I kicked his butt!

Last night my husband wanted to do one of The Firm DVDs with me.  He couldn’t get the hang of the movements and was getting so frustrated.  He wanted to just stop it because he was so confused when it … Continue reading

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The Firm Workout

About 4 years ago I bought this set of DVDs and step box along with some light hand weights.  Even though I quit using the set I never got rid of them.  Since they include both weights and cardio I … Continue reading

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Confessions of a Fat mom

I wasn’t going to post this, but I decided to go ahead and share and be honest.  Saturday I took my 11-year-old daughters to a birthday party at a splash park/pool.  We had already been at another birthday party for … Continue reading

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One Month Later

I decided that I’ll take a picture of myself in this same outfit every month — even if there is no large weight loss that month. For some reason I thought I took the photo on May 22nd, so I … Continue reading

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The Climb

So, I’ve posted my weigh-in, some funny photos and then as I looked my blog over I began to listen to the song, “The Climb” that I have on here.   My husband reminded me that muscle weighs more than … Continue reading

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Oh, the pain!

Well, we finished up our first week of working out each morning and then doing toning exercises every night.  Last night my husband decided we should try this 35-minute cardio workout by The Firm.   It was killer!!!  Part of … Continue reading

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