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Weigh-In …Rediscovering My Own Race

If you’re one to judge by the scale, then I had a “bad” week: Weigh-In:  +3.6 lbs. But if you ask me how my week went I’ll tell you it was really good. Because you’ll most like read and think, … Continue reading

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Why I’m Not Overjoyed About Losing 4 Pounds

This week at Weight Watchers I weighed in 4.0 pounds lighter. While I was glad to see my slow crawl to getting back on a healthier track had done some work I knew I hadn’t “killed it” and so I wasn’t … Continue reading

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Weigh-In … Revisiting BodyPump

I told you I was entering 2017 slowly, and now it’s been almost two weeks since I posted.  I really appreciate all the support for my need to head into this year slower than others.  I think a good step … Continue reading

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Entering 2017 S.L.O.W.L.Y.

Entering 2017 has been very different than any new year in my recent history. Usually I have my tree down by December 30th and I’m ready for my “cute and cozy” winter decor and looking at new goals and plans … Continue reading

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Weigh-In … Not Sure I’m Okay With It

When I started my journey I weighed on Fridays and posted my weight every week.  I stopped that after maintaining and then I started it back up periodically. Well, I’ve decided to start it back up again.  I’m committing to … Continue reading

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New Year New Site

UPDATE:  It looks like all of my previous posts have been successfully moved over here! 😀   Hi!  Well, here we go!  2017 is upon us….and all I want to do is curl up under a blanket and rest.  Geez.  I … Continue reading

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