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New Weigh-In Day

One of my best friends has started working on her own weight loss journey, so we decided to weigh-in on the same day so we can compare our progress together.    So, here’s my weigh-in stats for this week.   … Continue reading

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First Full Workout Week

I just finished my fifth morning of working out.  I averaged 55-60 minutes of working out every morning.  We’ve also been doing toning exercises every night before bed. Go me.   I’m sweaty, tired, but I’m proud that I did it. … Continue reading

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I think I saw a muscle!

I workout in my living room directly in front of the fireplace where I can see my reflection in the glass of the doors.  (My computer where I play the workout DVDs is to the left of the fireplace. ) … Continue reading

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Today’s Weight:  227.5 This week: – 2 Total loss so far:  -3.5 lbs.  Yay!  The scale is going back down.  I only worked out two times last week, but drank my water faithfully.  Now that TOM is over I’m looking … Continue reading

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Early Morning Workout *YAWN*

Today my husband and I started our early morning workouts.  We were up by 6:45am and he left for the gym with a friend while I got dressed and popped in my 4-mile Leslie Sansone DVD.  This is going to … Continue reading

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Trying Not To Hide

Yesterday we were at a picnic and I took my camera along to grab some photos from the occasion that was being celebrated.  I wore what I felt cute in, but I was still the largest wife there and knew … Continue reading

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What a difference a cup makes

Since I’ve upped my daily water intake I’ve been drinking a lot of water and learned that the “right” drinking container makes all the difference in the world.   A few months ago I bought the red container at Wal-Mart. … Continue reading

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Water Intake

A friend brought this article to my attention and I found it to make lots of sense. According to Weight Watchers, the highest healthy weight for my age and height is 140 pounds, so I’m about 90 pounds … Continue reading

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Weigh-In … TOM

Weight Today:  229.5 Total lost so far:  -1.5 I’m about 3 days into “that time of the month” and so while I should be happy to be down a half of a pound from last week, I’m just feeling fat … Continue reading

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Mind over matter (puff..wheeze..puff..)

Yesterday I decided to do one of my 4-mile walking workouts for the first time.  It was hard, but not so bad.  I worked out and was happy that I made it through seemingly unscathed.  However, that and 8 loads … Continue reading

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