Soda & Bread

I’ve really cut back my soda intake and have limited myself to having one glass with my meals.  However, sometimes we’ll eat out and share a large Coke and I find myself drinking more than my small glass.  So, to try and help the scale go down I decided that I really need to cut that regular soda out completely right now.  I don’t really care for too much diet, but if I seriously feel that I need soda with my meal, then I’ll drink diet.

This isn’t going to be easy, because some meals are just better with a regular Pepsi.  However, it’s one small change that I just feel I need to make now.  I’ll probably end up drinking water with meals.  I’ll let you know. 
I’m also going to cut back on my breads and starches.  I tried that today by deciding not to have mashed potatoes with my chicken.  I’ll also make sure that if I need to have  sandwich I make myself use the 100% whole wheat bread I’ve been buying.  
These are my new small food goals that I’ve added and I’m hoping they will make a difference in my weight loss attempts.  
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1 Response to Soda & Bread

  1. Giving up Pepsi is a hard thing to do as well as bread. Can you imagine if Sarah had to give up her Pespi? It wasn't hard for me to do because of my stomache but bread has been hard. I love french bread!!


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