On Faith

A few years ago, as I was well on my way losing 70 pounds, I came to a realization that the change in my mindset with regards to food and my self worth was bleeding over into my faith in Jesus.

I’m a born-again Christian.  I gave my life to Jesus as a young girl and I give him glory for what he’s done in my life.

But even though I lived joyfully serving in my church, enjoying my life as a wife and mother and reaching out to those around me I still carried around some ideologies that weren’t quite healthy.

It was my final journey down the path to weight loss that really opened my eyes to some thoughts about myself that weren’t healthy;  captive thoughts that lead me to believe I only deserved so much in life.  I wasn’t upset by them to some extent, but when I realized I was living thinking, “That’s for them, but not for me.” in an unhealthy way, or that I wasn’t good enough if I wasn’t doing x, y or z … well, I knew those things had to change.

One day as I was talking through a situation with my lifelong friend I told her I was amazed that choosing “My New Ending” for my blog would go on to mean so much more than weight in my life.

For me, striving to be healthier isn’t just about calories in or calories burned, it’s about how I process life.  It hasn’t been an easy journey these past three years, gaining back 35 pounds is physical proof of that, but in this time I’ve learned some lessons that have stretched me and taught me things I would not have learned any other way.

My new ending in life is no longer just about becoming a healthier woman physically, it’s about finding what Jesus truly wants from me and being healthier spiritually and emotionally as well.