My Mother is Gone

I used the restroom this evening and then planned on sitting down to blog about post op day 2 when my phone rang. It was my dad’s phone number, but not his voice and I knew something was wrong.  
I was called and informed that my mother has passed away. My dad couldn’t talk at the moment and asked I be called immediately.  It looks as if she passed peacefully in sleep and I’m grateful for no foul play. I’ve since spoken to him, but still find myself sitting here in shock that she is really gone.  
So, my friends, I do want to blog about my post op days, but I know you’ll forgive me if I don’t share more tonight. I also know you’ll understand if talking about the surgery is the only thing that keeps my mind off of her death.  
Her death…I still can’t believe I’m saying those words and talking about my own mother. 

About Leah@MyNewEnding

I'm a 44-year-old wife and mother who begins her day with God and coffee. When my youngest of 3 kids started college I went from a SAHM to a full-time job. I love being an attendance secretary. A lot has gone on since I started this blog in 2009, but one thing remains the same: I will not give up on my health. Join me as I share what that means for the season of life I'm in.
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12 Responses to My Mother is Gone

  1. Lori says:

    I am so sorry for your loss, Leah.


  2. Primal Gwen says:

    Oh my God, Leah! I am so very very sorry! My prayers will be with your family.


  3. Michelle says:

    My thoughts are with you and your family, Leah.


  4. Jeanette says:

    I'm so sorry, truly ❤


  5. jesseybell says:

    Oh Leah, I am so, so sorry. My heart breaks for you and your family. And to know that you can't just leap out of bed and be by your father's side. Hugs to you during this difficult time.


  6. Syl says:

    I am so sorry to hear about the passing of your Mom Leah. I know what it's like to lose a parent. Be gentle on yourself Leah. If you want to “talk” please feel free to email me. Again I am so sorry and if there is anything I can do let me know.


  7. Jess says:

    Oh, Leah. I'm so sorry for your loss. Big hugs, and lots of prayers to you and your family.


  8. Kari says:

    I'm am so sorry Leah. I lost my dad 4 years ago. Prayers for your family.


  9. Kelliann says:

    Oh no… I'm so, so sorry…


  10. Sarah G says:

    I am so sorry for your loss. ((hugs))


  11. Rebecca Bailey says:

    Leah, I've been lurking on your blog. I found you via Instagram. I've loved watching all your weight loss 🙂
    Anywho- I am so very sorry about your mama. We will keep your family in our prayers.
    Love , Rebecca Bailey


  12. Kitty says:

    I am so so sorry.


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