Only 30 Minutes

TOM arrived two days ago and that combined with the soreness from the Body Revolution workouts made me feel like I could skip my exercise this morning.

And I could.  It wouldn’t be bad to miss one.

Sometimes the body needs a break, especially when cramping and sore, and I’ve been okay doing that sometimes.

But not today.  I did allow myself to sleep in a bit longer, but after I got up and finished my devotional time I went upstairs and changed clothes to exercise.

Today I reminded myself, “It’s only 30 minutes.”  There’s no driving to and from the gym, no waking the kids to go to the park.  Just me and my computer and my weights here in the living room…for 30 minutes.

So, I did it and when I was finished I could definitely agree with Jillian Michaels that yes, I’m glad I got it done.

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2 Responses to Only 30 Minutes

  1. C says:

    Yay is it the shred you are doing? Love how fast it is and how accomplished you can feel when done!


  2. Leah says:

    No, I'm doing the new Jillian Michaels Body Revolution workouts. The same format as 30-Day Shred, but progressively harder over 12 weeks.


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