Let Freedom Ring! – Day 2

First off, don’t forget I’d love to know what the words FREEDOM and INDEPENDENCE mean to you in regards to your weight loss journey. You can drop me your thoughts by commenting on this post.
Today I’d like you to join me in seeing how our freedom from an obsession with food can be likened to some of these famous quotes.
Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom, must, like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it. ~Thomas Paine

I speak for myself when I say that I’d love to have a normal relationship with food, to be able to have a fit, healthy body and never worry again about weight gain. However, the only way this is going to become a reality for me is when I ‘undergo the fatigue of supporting it’. When I take responsibility for my actions and live a life that supports the desire for freedom from food I will reap the blessings.

In the truest sense, freedom cannot be bestowed; it must be achieved. ~Franklin D. Roosevelt

No matter how much I want to be thin and feel free from an obsession with food it is something I have to do for myself. No one can give me a thin body. There’s no magical pill or surgery that will make it all go away. Ultimately, no matter how much help and encouragement I am offered it is something that I alone have to work towards.

There are two freedoms – the false, where a man is free to do what he likes; the true, where he is free to do what he ought. ~Charles Kingsley

I think relating this quote to my weight loss journey was both the easiest and hardest. Easiest, because I clearly see the truth in the thought, but it’s also the hardest thing for me to admit.

I don’t think I’m alone in sometimes wishing I could just eat whatever I wanted and never have to worry about another pound. I mean, yes, I can eat whatever I want. In reality there isn’t anyone telling me what I can and can not eat. Yet eating out of boredom, or overeating at a gathering only leaves me feeling so tied to food and feelings of failure and self loathing begin to settle in. There’s no freedom in those feelings at all.

On the flip side, when I eat only when I am truly hungry and stop when I’m satisfied I feel good about myself. When I finish a workout I feel alive. When I eat what makes my body feel better I feel fresh and healthy. Doing all of those things may not be what I want to do, but because I know they are what I ought to do they lead me to feel completely free from food.

Thanks for joining me today as I continue my journey to freedom. I hope you’ve found something to bring some encouragement to you in your own weight loss journey.

Have a great day and LET FREEDOM RING!

All quotes were taken from Quote Garden.com.

About Leah@MyNewEnding

I'm a 44-year-old wife and mother who begins her day with God and coffee. When my youngest of 3 kids started college I went from a SAHM to a full-time job. I love being an attendance secretary. A lot has gone on since I started this blog in 2009, but one thing remains the same: I will not give up on my health. Join me as I share what that means for the season of life I'm in.
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2 Responses to Let Freedom Ring! – Day 2

  1. What a terrific idea on using those historic quotes and relating them to weight loss! I have to tell you that you are not alone in “wishing” you could eat anything you want – sometimes I feel the same way. But my freedom from my fat suit is much better than anything I could ever eat.


  2. Lori Lynn says:

    I like your background as well! Great post. Thanks for sharing. 🙂


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