Easter Weekend

Today I was going to get up bright and early and go to the gym.  But…. I decided an leisurely morning with my husband and making breakfast for my family was a better use of my time. We’ve been so busy around here that we haven’t had much time to connect as a couple, or relax as a family, and I enjoyed the time being around my husband and kids. 
We were invited over to some friend’s house for Easter dinner tomorrow, so I am making Tres Leches Cake and yeast rolls.  I don’t make yeast rolls often, so they are going to be a treat.  
I am a Sunday School teacher and will be finishing up preparations for the Easter craft tomorrow.  It’s one of my most favorite lessons of the year.  In our new congregation I have a “one-room-schoolhouse” type of class;  about 12 kids ages 4-11.  It’s a new challenge for me as a teacher, but I enjoy it immensely. 
We are doing a little skit and a song medley for the congregation during the morning service and the kids are doing so well.  
I hope to get in a nice walk later, or get my house cleaned … either will be very good for my health.  🙂 
I hope you have a nice weekend and remember the greatest love of all was expressed when Jesus willingly went to the cross in our place.  And the greatest hope followed when he broke the power of hell and the grave and rose again on the third day.  
Happy Easter!
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  1. Jodie says:

    Happy Easter!


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