Life is Happening & Healthy Heart Weekend

It’s been an interesting last two weeks with days I’d rather forget, or rather had never happened.  Everything will be fine eventually.
I’ve been doing some reevaluating of things that need to be taken care of in my life and getting some projects done around the house (read: clutter cleanup), so blogging kind of took a back seat for a bit.
It’s not the way I envisioned beginning my new year, but you can’t have the flowers without the rain so to speak.  
On the health side of things…
My training is going fine.  I’ve been getting my runs done and a little bit of strength training with Jillian Michaels DVDs in as well.  My weight is still hovering between 178-180, but I have not gained any so far this year.  Right now, that is a plus.
So, that’s where things are right now.  I will be participating in Lori’s annual Healthy Heart Weekend with my long run tomorrow.  
Our temps are dropping back down to freezing, so it will most likely be an afternoon run tomorrow.  The sun should be out so I’m looking forward to a beautiful winter run.  We don’t have snow like farther up north, but I’m still putting my cold weather pants to good use this winter. 🙂 
I hope you all have an enjoyable Valentine’s Day tomorrow.  I have surprises for my kids and 4 extra littles my teen girls are babysitting overnight.  I’m looking forward to a nice day.  
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One Response to Life is Happening & Healthy Heart Weekend

  1. Lori says:

    Hope things are getting more settled for you.

    Thanks for the shout-out!


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