Post Op Day 6

Today was a pretty relaxing day…what else is new, right?  🙂 
One of my daughters stayed home with me while the rest of my family went to church both in the morning and evening. We listened to a sermon at home during both times to get some church in.  I can’t say I wish I was there yet, because being in a bit of pain and having drains keeps the desire to go out of the house at bay.
Last night my husband’s boss brought us dinner.  There was so much we shared some with friends and still had plenty to reheat for lunch today.  After that we all took naps.  
My daughter and I played Phase 10 while “Swamp People” played in the background.  We also cleaned up the kitchen a bit for my husband.  She loaded the dishwasher and I wiped counters down.  My husband has been so good to keep the kitchen clean, so I asked her to help give him a break.  
That was my workout for the day. 🙂
Someone asked if I’m ready to go out of the house.  Not yet, but I am ready for the drains to come out. I have one stitched into each side, just in front of the hip and my underwear rubs it sometimes and bothers it.  The amount of fluid draining is really low, so hopefully they will be able to take out my drains like planned.  
Well, my family is home now, so I’m gonna get.  I may try and sleep in my bed tonight, with pillow support.  We’ll see how that goes.  
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One Response to Post Op Day 6

  1. Gwen says:

    glad this is going along so uneventfully! Hopefully those drains are out very very soon!


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