New Jacket and SPI belt

Our temperatures dropped back down into more autumnal degrees today, so I pulled out my new jacket I bought for running.  I have to say I think wearing cute workout clothes makes everything better.  🙂 
The little pink pouch hanging out the bottom is my new SPI belt.  I’m in love with it.  It holds my iPhone and keys while I run.  I am also kind of super excited that I am being able to wear it lower on the abdomen and it doesn’t slide up to my waist.  
It’s the small things that brighten my days sometimes.  🙂
Note:  Did I mention I got a new Canon EOS 650D camera for Mother’s Day/My birthday in July?  I can’t remember… anyway..please excuse me as I tried taking a self portrait today with the timer.  Gotta work on that.. 
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One Response to New Jacket and SPI belt

  1. Love your jacket. So bright and cheerie!


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