A Cold, Cold Run

A snapshot of an hour in my day today:
This morning I decided to head out for a very cold run in my new cutie socks…even though winds were howling around my house and the temperature was 43 degrees out.  
Then I came home to text two of my long-distance running buddies about it… 
…because I had challenged one of them to join me in running in the cold this winter. 
The winds were horrid, but thankfully they blew in one direction and I run through my neighborhood, so the different turns allowed for breaks from the wind once in a while.  It was a tough, but I’ve decided if I’m going to run 13.1 miles this year I’d better get used to doing some tough runs.  Whee!  
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1 Response to A Cold, Cold Run

  1. Lori says:

    43 sound positively balmy to me right now! We only got up to about 18 degrees and it was -7 when we woke up. I won't even venture out in that LOL!


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