My Brother Joel

Good morning and Happy Friday!  I don’t have a weigh-in post to share with you today since I’m still out of town til tomorrow.  However, I do have something exciting to share regarding weight….

As I said, I’m currently visiting my brother, my one and only sibling.   He and his wife just had their first baby…darling Miss Lucy.  (See pics from earlier post this week)  It has been a nice week of holding the little one, hanging out and seeing some changes in my brother.  Namely changes in the way he eats.  

The biggest change I see is if he’s still full from a large lunch he’ll eat a light dinner.  He has said a couple of times this week, “No thanks, I’m not that hungry.”  His choice of foods is a little different too.  He eats Lara bars and has had them on hand for me to try.  This is all due to the fact that he is on a weight loss journey of his own.  

The funny thing to me is that he just kind of started doing this and I didn’t even know about it.  He knows I’ve been working on losing weight, but we don’t really discuss the subject much.  He mentioned losing some weight a few months ago and then I saw some pictures and was both amazed and inspired by his success.  So, I asked him if I could interview him for my blog. 

When I read his interview answers I was so encouraged about his approach to weight loss.  It’s real.  It’s something he can sustain forever.  Read on and I know you’ll agree.  

So, Joel : 

How much weight have you lost? 

I’ve lost 50 lbs.

How long did it take (is taking, if applicable)?
I’ve lost that weight over the past 11months.
When did you first feel, or realize, you had a weight problem? 
I’ve always been unhappy with my size, probably since I was a teenager.
What made you want to do something about your weight?

It’s a complex set of ideas and attitudes that cause a person to lose control of their health and it takes facing that and working through that to turn things around. There were a lot of things that were finally falling in to place for me, but I think there was one event that really triggered something in me and that was not being able to find anything that fit at Target. True story. I think going into Target and realizing that they don’t make shirts and pants that are big enough was a small spark that lit a big fire.

How did you decide to get healthier?  A diet? Exercise only? 
I needed to find a way to eat healthier. I’ve done exercise-only before, but that didn’t deal with the root cause, which was skewed idea of the role of food in my life.
Was it easy or hard to begin making the changes necessary to be healthy? 
It’s never easy to make a change like that. 
Did you have a support?  Wife? Kids? Peers?
My wife was very supportive of me. I also have friends and co-workers who were very encouraging.
What has been the hardest thing about losing weight? 
Breaking bad habits. Over the years food had taken on an unhealthy level of importance. Reversing that trend was, is, difficult.
Has their been an easy part of losing weight? 
Not really.
Do you see any difference in attempting to lose weight as a man, versus women working on weight loss?  
I think biologically men don’t have quite as difficult a time shedding pounds. That said, there is a cultural norm that disparages men eating smaller portions and salads as being feminine. This is especially true for guys like me who over time developed a reputation for being a big eater.
Please share a tip or two with us that you’ve learned, or a tip that has made the most impact on your weight loss.
Being healthy doesn’t mean carrots and work-outs the rest of your life. Its all about balance and moderation; quality over quantity.
And because I know we all like to see the visual proof, here’s he is.  I’m stealing a little of his glory, but that’s only because I happen to be visiting him this week as well.  So, of course I wanted to snap a picture of us together.  🙂  

Here we are at his wedding in March 2009 and this week.  

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3 Responses to My Brother Joel

  1. Lori says:

    Congrats to your brother! It's great when families get healthy together 😀


  2. Keri Jo says:

    Yeah for you Joel! And congrats on the baby girl. She's beautiful 🙂


  3. Wow, you both look GREAT! And it definitely is easier for men. My husband did the same thing. He decided to start eating healthy. Cut out burgers and fries, started eating salads, fresh fruits and veggies and the pounds just seemed to melt off him. Now he can have a burger once in a great while and it doesn't kill him, but it's just not a regular part of his diet. All about making healthy choices as a habit. Kudos to both of you. 😀


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