Today I took the step class at the gym.  I never tire of how fun that class is!!!  It’s like an oldie, but goodie workout.  Even more fun was the fact that I was really jumping around and pushing myself and could keep it up for the entire class.
I remember taking the step class at the base when my husband and I were first married.  I was about fifteen years younger and about thirty pounds heavier.  I could keep up, but it was hard to add any bouncing to the steps.
Not today.
The gal in front of me and myself were step-masters today….and she was very thin.  I kept up with her and it felt so good knowing I could keep up with someone who was adding ‘umph’ to every move.  Woot!
Then I showered, dressed and headed out to run errands, not returning home until after getting the kids from school.  I’m gonna sleep good tonight!
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One Response to Step!

  1. I think I would like a step class! I hope you have a wonderful weekend Leah.


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