Motivation & Running Buddies

I have a little time this Sunday and thought I’d share two things I found motivating over the weekend: 

  • A poster quote Liz posted over at Prior Fat Girl

  • Running with my 14-year-old twin daughters.  They want to do a 5K race in the fall, so we have started some training. 
Saturday evening we jogged for a mile, walked for a mile and then I challenged them to jog the last mile home.  They took me up on the challenge and finished strong.  
It was fun and we enjoyed some chatting about how to hydrate to run in hot, muggy weather, how to train for your first race and how to push past lazy and remind ourselves that the feeling of great accomplishment when done is always worth the effort.  
When we finished and they realized they ran two of the three miles we finished they were elated.  It’s very motivating to see them embrace a new activity and …. be able to join them in the process.  
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1 Response to Motivation & Running Buddies

  1. I love this! You all look so healthy and fit Leah and that is such a great example for your kids. My oldest three did a 5K with me last year and I was amazed how easily they trained for it whereas it took me a long time. The beauty of youth. 🙂


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