Mom’s "Weird"

Yesterday I wore a new dress to church.  It ends mid-knees which is shorter than what I usually wear and I was worried about my white legs showing so much.  I was also a little out of sorts with regards to my weight ..blah…blah..
Well, as I’m finishing getting ready my son walks in my bedroom and we have this little conversation:
Son:  Mom, that dress makes you look weird.
Me:  Weird?  Like how?  (thinking very white legs or shorter-than-normal dress)
Son:  I dunno…weird……like……..SKINNY.
Me:  *laughing* 
As I told this story to a friend I realized my kids haven’t seen me this size in the past years that they can remember, so I guess wearing a new dress that shows off my smaller size is a little “weird”.   I’ll take that kind of weird though.  *giggle*
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5 Responses to Mom’s "Weird"

  1. Carbie Girl says:

    awesome! If thats the case I too would like to look “weird” please lol


  2. Lori says:

    That's cute! Go ahead and show white legs – pale is in, don't you know. (or at least it should be).


  3. NikkiB says:

    Oh oh oh!! I wanna picuture of the wierd skinny dress…with u in i of course ;). That is so cute!!


  4. Anonymous says:

    LOVE that boy! That's my grandson!!!!!!


  5. Christine says:

    That is sweet!


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