Thankful Friday & NSV

I’ve got a few minutes to be online and decided to check in and finish up my week of thankfulness by say how grateful I am for friends who have been such a great support and encouragement in my weight loss journey.

My journey to become healthier has turned into something much more than I ever expected. Through the wisdom of friends in blog land and the regular phone calls and texts of a close personal friend I’ve been able to continue on this journey and not give up on myself.
It’s that kind of support that lead me to another step towards my healthier new self….
…I got up and went for a walk Thanksgiving morning. I also went again this morning before we went on an outing with the family.
That’s my non-scale victory, because I never thought I’d see the day I’d go for a walk on a holiday. 🙂
God is good and so are the friends he’s blessed my life with.
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