C25K on Hold

Due to the arrival of TOM yesterday (heavy flow and serious cramps) I did not run today. I rarely workout hard during the heaviest days of my cycle as it is pretty rough on me. Sometimes with Aleve taking away the pain I can get through it, but I had nothing in my system this morning. After the worst days I’m pretty okay, so we’ll see if I run later in the week.

I did get my circuit workout done yesterday and a 30-minute Walk At Home DVD done today. This is me adjusting my exercise to my life – still getting it done, but not stressing about it. Yay!
I’m off to bed now…zzzzz….
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3 Responses to C25K on Hold

  1. Good for you, for being flexible and allowing yourself to adjust as needed!


  2. Christine says:

    YEAH for adjusting to life and getting it done!!


  3. Jodie says:

    Working out with TOM is the worst!! Proud of you getting back on the wagon before the date!!


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