Meeting the First Goal

When I started my weight loss journey two years ago I told my friend that my only goal in weight loss was to be able to buy a dress for my husband’s graduation “in two years” in the regular sizes department of the store.

Today is his graduation. Last night was the Senior Dinner and I wore my special dress for that occasion.
Yes, I met that goal. My dress is a size 16 from the regular sizes department. I felt like a queen last night…especially when I got home to my visiting brother and he exclaimed, “Hey skinny!!”
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8 Responses to Meeting the First Goal

  1. Kari says:

    You look beautiful! Congrats!!!! 🙂


  2. Sarah G says:

    Congratulations on reaching your first goal!!

    And Congrats to your hubby for graduating!!


  3. Jodie says:

    Awesome!!! 🙂 Congratulations to your husband AND to you!


  4. NikkiB says:

    You look beautiful, awesome, so pretty!! Congrats!!


  5. Leah – I got chills reading/looking at this post. Congratulations to you and your husband for finishing dental school! WhooHoo!!!!!!!


  6. Kelly Marin says:

    You look awesome Leah! Tell Freddy Congrats for us too.


  7. chelsie says:

    Congrats on reaching your first goal 🙂


  8. Jodie says:

    I gave you an award on my blog!! Love reading your successes!


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