Good Plus Bad Equals…Life

It’s been a nice past couple of days. Friday I was busy being lazy for an hour and then cleaning up my house and cooking lots of chicken for a men’s dinner at our church.

Saturday, after a morning of breakfast and shopping with the girls, I came home and tackled the mess that was my house. We’ve been so busy that things had been let go and it was driving me nuts. So, I went to town cleaning my house, my kitchen, my bedroom closet and then still took another 30 minutes to do 30-Day Shred. I have to admit that I made myself do this because of the Hot 100 challenge commitment to working out four days a week. That was the main motivation, and it sure felt good to stick to it and get it done.
My husband said, “I was going to tell you to stop cleaning and sit down, but I thought you looked like you were on a roll.” I was. After that workout I was ready for a shower and to settle down for a few minutes before bed. It was a gloriously productive day!! ๐Ÿ™‚
We both agreed that it was wonderful to wake up to a clean house on Sunday. Then I was able to relax a little more between services.
That’s the good.
The bad is that I seemed to have the munchies for chocolate, and, um pizza, and ate more than I needed. hhmm… Funny thing is I realized Sunday I hadn’t journaled my food for Friday and Saturday and I realized that I wasn’t as careful about my food intake when I wasn’t writing it down. This is a very interesting topic for another day.
Overall, I find that this is …. life. My life in my weight loss journey.
I have good days, I have not so good days. All in all I don’t give up and I keep going. If this weight is going to stay off for good I can only take these kinds of weekends and learn from them. There’s no all or nothing – it’s making it all work together and pressing forward to see my goals reached.

About Leah@MyNewEnding

I'm a 44-year-old wife and mother who begins her day with God and coffee. When my youngest of 3 kids started college I went from a SAHM to a full-time job. I love being an attendance secretary. A lot has gone on since I started this blog in 2009, but one thing remains the same: I will not give up on my health. Join me as I share what that means for the season of life I'm in.
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2 Responses to Good Plus Bad Equals…Life

  1. Christine says:

    I love to wake up to a clean house too!

    I so enjoy reading your blog…it is a daily dose of good medicine for me…Thanks!!!


  2. Lori Lynn says:

    Good for you for not giving up! Hope you have a good Tuesday. ๐Ÿ™‚


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