Weigh-In … Hot 100 Update #1 & Pictures

Today’s Weight: 194.5

Loss/Gain: +0.5 lb.
Total Loss So Far: 36.5 lbs.

Things went pretty well this week considering TOM showed up a couple of days ago. I had moments of chocolate snacking, but overall my eating wasn’t as bad as some months and I’m grateful for that. I was a little bummed with the gain, but I know it will come off this next week. It figures this would happen on the first week of the challenge. 🙂

I made a change to my emotional goal for the Hot 100 Challenge and I think it will work better with my busy schedule.

Speaking of the challenge, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to do this challenge at first because it seemed like one more thing to have to think about. Now that I’ve spent a little time visiting some new blogs and still working on my own goals I am glad I joined. The challenge itself and seeing others who are following along with their own goals will give me something to help me stay focused during the holidays.
So now for my results…

WEIGHT GOAL: Lose 0.5 – 1.5 lbs a week. No. Gained 0.5 this week, but not too upset considering the mother nature reasons for it.

  • Exercise four days a week, no skimping down to three during the holidays. Only 3 days so far, because I took Wednesday off due to severe cramps. However, my husband and I are going to a fair tomorrow which will most likely entail lots of walking. That will bring me to four.
  • Be able to jog at 4.8 mph for 25 minutes. This gives me time for slight warm up and cool down on the treadmill that has a 30-minute limit at the gym. Working towards this. I jogged all three days I exercised this week so far. 🙂
  • Drink at least 64 oz of water daily. Done.
  • Journal all my eats and drinks and stay within my calorie goals daily, with the exception of one high-calorie day that I allow to throw things off a bit. I’m giving this a yellow, because I think I had two days that I was way over. TOM showed up two days ago and the munchies preceded it over the weekend.
EMOTIONAL GOAL: **I’ve decided to make my emotional goal the goal of visiting one new blog each week. Connecting with others on this journey is the emotional support I need at this time. I don’t have time to visit blogs and focus on the Beck book, so I’m switching it up for the challenge. Done. This week I visited Less of Me – More of Him.

HOLIDAY GOAL: Only one or two “foo-foo” coffee drinks from Starbucks the week I am visiting my mom in November. I will stick to regular coffee and cream the rest of the weeks. Done. I went to Starbucks twice this week and only had regular coffee both times. Was kind of like, “Oh, wait I’m not having that until I go visit my mom.” on one visit, but it wasn’t a major struggle to just get coffee. YAY!

So, overall it wasn’t too bad and I’m content with how the week went.

Lastly, I’ve updated my progress pictures since it’s the end of September and I finally showed a loss since the last time I took pictures. For new visitors to my blog. I maintained from April to August, and finally started going down in September. 🙂

I hope you all have a great weekend. I have some fun plans ahead and will catch up with everyone on Monday.

About Leah@MyNewEnding

I'm a 44-year-old wife and mother who begins her day with God and coffee. When my youngest of 3 kids started college I went from a SAHM to a full-time job. I love being an attendance secretary. A lot has gone on since I started this blog in 2009, but one thing remains the same: I will not give up on my health. Join me as I share what that means for the season of life I'm in.
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7 Responses to Weigh-In … Hot 100 Update #1 & Pictures

  1. clickmom says:

    It's helpful to be willing to re-write the rules for yourself. You gotta bend with the wind or break! I looked at your weight loss Progression. Great job and great idea.


  2. Karen says:

    I love how you color-coded this! I may have to borrow that idea. It makes it so easy to follow. Water is one of my goals too. That is probably the only one I did pretty well meeting last week:(


  3. Christine says:

    You always have such a great attitude!!! I love this about you and reading your blog.

    You have some great goals happening.


  4. Shannon @ BetterNextTime says:

    Good progress on your goals! I'm using Beck too – I've never made it all the way through the program, so one of my Hot 100 goals is to do just that. Good luck on Week 2!!


  5. Tammy says:

    Leah, even with the slight gain it sounds like a good start to the challenge. I like your goals. I usally have two mocha lattes per week, one on each day that I work from home. Even for non-fat, it still packs a lot of calories. I need to work on eating healthier rather than drinking my calories. I have been trying to cut it down to only once a week. But they're soooo good!

    Good luck with week two, that half pound is coming back off and hopefully will bring a friend or two with him.


  6. Andrew(ajh) says:

    Well done Leah, sounds like a pretty successful week. There will always be ups and downs in a weight loss journey, so I wouldn't worry about a small gain like that! Good luck in the rest of the Hot 100!


  7. Sharon says:


    I think you did very well with your goals and thanks for the picture. It had been awhile since you'd posted any pictures of yourself. I love your idea of visiting new blogs. I do that myself and it is a great inspiration. I have read yours since I starting blogging in May and I really enjoy it.



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