Weigh-In … Cautiously Excited

Today’s Weight: 206.0

Loss/Gain: -4.5 lbs
Total Loss So Far: -25. lbs
I just giggled when I saw that number because I was pretty sure the M&Ms I had yesterday afternoon were going to blow the weigh-in for me. I was desperately trying not to worry about it last night, but was having a very hard time. I knew I had worked out steadily this week, drank my water, etc., but I was still very nervous.
I am cautiously enjoying this loss, because I know I’ve gone down a lot in the past before only to see a slight gain or maintain the week after. Who knows? Maybe I’m breaking the cycle and will finally see regular losses again. I’m definitely going to to keep trying for that.
Oh, and this loss means I’ve finally lost my 10% of body weight – just skipped right over it in fact! That is exciting too…now to keep it off forever!
Have a great Friday everyone! I have to rush myself off to get ready for work now…
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6 Responses to Weigh-In … Cautiously Excited

  1. Syl says:

    oh Leah you are so close to onederland….I'm so excited for you!
    congrats on such a great weigh in and reaching 25 pounds!
    Have a great weekend!


  2. Great new! I'm glad you can start your day off that way.


  3. You are unstoppable! Great job on the loss!


  4. Stephanie says:

    WOOOOOOHOOOOOOO!!! 206 Lady!!! You go girl -that's all I'm sayin' – You Go Girl!!!!


  5. Lori says:

    Great job! You can keep it off if you keep on doing what you are doing. Having M&Ms here and there won't make you gain it all back. It's having a lot of M&Ms all the time! 😀


  6. Oh my goodness Leah! I'm so sorry that I didn't get to this yesterday!! Congratulations, congratulations, congratulations!!

    Onederland is within your reach!


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